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Love is all around...

So as it's coming up to #ValentinesDay, I thought this month we would write about #lurve In fact I would go so far as to say #loveisallaround

And at this time of year, lots of you are thinking about planning a very special event.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable events in your life. It is a time where two people commit themselves to each other. Whether that is in front of two witnesses on a beach, an intimate gathering at a registry office, or in a spectacular venue in front of hundreds of your family and friends, it is a symbol of commitment to the person you love.

Often you have dreamt of this day from a young age (I know I did!) Many, many hours are spent planning, trying to make every aspect of the wedding day perfect. And it's so difficult deciding on colour schemes, themes, decor and the outfits to name just a few!

Wedding prep..

Before the day there are months or even years of mooching in shops and at wedding fayres, flicking through magazines and searching online, all to find those little extra special items for your day. Items like robes, prints, socks and hangers can all be personalised with vinyl like the pictures below.

Venue Decor

Your guests will remember the atmosphere and the ambience at your wedding. So whilst it is your day, it is important that the vibe is right - you might want a relaxed country theme or a blinged up party style wedding and that is up to you. However, most venues don’t allow permanent decorations so you have to work with what’s available (often in limited time). That’s where vinyl comes in. You can use vinyl graphics at the wedding venue and easily remove them afterwards. It's feasible for you to add vinyl to the walls, the tables and even the floor as it can all be safely removed after your big day.

Some people favour portable decoration, and vinyl can be used again to welcome your guests to the #weddingoftheyear

Table Decor

So once the vows are over and the photographs have been taken, it’s time for your wedding guests to eat. You can clearly display the wedding seating plan using vinyl and it is a stunning option.

Finishing touches

To really give your event the wow factor, contact us and we can design items to your specification and colour scheme. Happy planning!

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